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Promotional Materials

The promotional materials below are available in any quantity you desire. Please select your items and send us an e-mail with your address for a shipping quote. All shipping charges are billed at our cost with no handling fees. We ship prepaid by check/money order or Paypal (e-mail funds to ppal@brouczech.com). To see photos of items, click icon on the end of line.

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T-shirts - 100% cotton, white, sizes L, XL, XXL$6.00
Mug - classical Czech Brewpub design, 0.5 l/16.9 fl.oz.$6.00
Bottle opener - with "flavor saver", pack of 3 pieces$6.00
Pen - black ink with comfort grip, pack of 3 pieces$6.00
Tap Handle Lager - white base custom waterman sculpture$49.00
Tap handle Dark - black base custom waterman sculpture$49.00
Coasters - 3 5/8" square, pack of 100 pieces$6.00
Plastic cups - 0.5 liter/16.9 fl.oz., pack of 36 pieces$6.00
Baseball cap - six panel, 100% heavy cottonavailable soon

One item below shipped FREE with your order of any above items

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Stickers - 8 1/4"x 4" green or bordó, pack of 3pieces$1.00
Sticker "bottle 16" - 5 1/8"x 19 5/8" lager 0.5 l/16.9 fl.oz.$1.00
Sticker "bottle 12" - 2 1/2"x 9 7/8" lager 0.354 l/12 fl.oz., pack of 2 pcs.$1.00
Sticker "oval" - 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" green or bordó, pack of 5 pcs.$1.00

Promotional Materials for Retail Establishments

The promotional materials below are available free of charge in reasonable quantities to any retail establishment currently selling our products. Please contact us to order by E-mail and enclose a copy of your most recent Invoice as attachment or fax it to +1-818-992-5935.
  • Table tents - footprint 4" x 4", height 6", easy to assemble - this one is quite smaller than our previous version
  • Shelf Talker - 6 3/4" x 5 1/8" for use in standard US shelf groove above or below displayed products - bottom part hangs free from the shelf
  • Shelf talker small - 1 1/4" x 6 3/8" for use in standard US shelf groove below displayed products
  • Case cards - 11 3/4" x 18 1/4" with bendable top part for insertion between cases, or use two cards to staple the bent parts together to form a two-sided "top of stack" display