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The brewery history

The tradition of brewing in Nová Paka dates from the first half of the 13th century, soon after the town was established. At that time, beer was produced in a wooden brewery that was located in the town square; it burned down completely in the big fire of 1536.

Later in the 16th century, the town of Nová Paka was granted a document by Burián Trčka of Lípa, by which the construction of the malt house and brewery as well as brewing and sales of beer were permitted. Being wooden again, it burned down couple more times before the current joint-stock brewery with malt house was established in 1872. There were two other sister breweries – in Dřevěnice and Pecka – in the Kumburk estate, where Nová Paka has also belonged to. Both were owned by the then owner of the whole Kumburk estate, Karel Knight Trautmannsdorf. After the construction of our then very modern brewery in Nová Paka, both sister breweries were closed in short time thereafter.

The Nova Paka brewery became one of the regional prosperous companies and did not interrupt its production of beer even at the times of the hardest crises. In 1948 the brewery was nationalized and incorporated into the state owned company Czechoslovak Breweries. Twice it was decided to terminate the production and to gradually close down the brewery, the last decision being made in January 1988. However, the date of terminating the production was successfully postponed till the end of the year 1989 and this moment enabled the opening of the new chapter in the life of our brewery. The whole building has been preserved in its original condition and there have been no changes to its original appearance.

The year 2001 was an absolute breakthrough for the Brewery Nova Paka a.s. The real modern history of the brewery started to be written and the trends for future development of the company were established.

1930: Board of Directors 1932: Cellar enlargement

The Brewery Nová Paka a.s. falls into the category of small independent breweries by production volume. Thanks to the quality of its products resulting from top input commodities, including in-house malthouse, water from a 100 metres deep artesian well, and especially from the traditional three-step brewing process, it belongs to breweries which are sought after not only by domestic, but also by many foreign customers. All our products are brewed using the traditional methods for bottom-fermented beers, so called lagers or pilseners, with characteristic full bread-like taste, adequate natural CO2 saturation, typical firm rich head, bitterness and relish.

The Brewery in Nová Paka and a few of other small breweries thus have an ideal opportunity to continue the original Czech process of brewing beer and to offer to our consumers the „exceptionality” in the form of the real traditional hand made Czech beer. Many awards that the Brewery in Nova Paka has obtained serve as a proof. However, the key award is considered the rising popularity and consumption of Nová Paka beer both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

1946: Mr. Pazderka - Brewmaster 1946: Mr. Pazderka, Mr. Matys
Mr. Jahoda, Mr. Hendrich